Alumni A-B

Christian Abnet, PhD 1998 (Peterson)
Current Position: Acting Branch Chief & Senior Investigator, Nutritional Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute
Email – (301) 594-1511 (Maryland)
John Adamovics, T32 Postdoc 1978-79 (Hsia)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Biochemistry, & Physics
Rider University
Email – 609-895-5423 (New Jersey)
Thomas J. Albert, PhD 2000 (Tracy)
Current Position: Head of Research, Roche Diagnostics Sequencing Unit
Roche Diagnostics
Lisa Landau-Alcorn, MS 1988
Current Position:
David L. Alexander, PhD 1999 (Jefcoate)
Current Position:  Academic Researcher; Research Associate/Lecturer; UC-Santa Cruz
Email – 831-502-7197
Sarah Hicks Allgeier, PhD 2007 (Peterson); MD 2012, Wayne State University
Current Position: Resident in Radiology at University of Michigan
Email (Michigan)
John W. Allran, MS – (Karasov)
Current Position: Environmental Toxicologist, North Carolina Department of Agriculture (Pesticides Division)
Email – (919) 857-4150 (North Carolina)
Wendy A. Altmann-Lasekan, MS (Cook)
Current Position: Homemaker
Barbara Anderegg, T32 Postdoc 1978-80 (Lichtenstein)
Current Position: Retired; Former Instructor and Principal Investigator, Consortium for Renewal Energy Technology; Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI
Eric Andreasen, PhD 2002 DECEASED (12/08/68-07/22/14) (Peterson)
Dagmara S. Antkiewicz, PhD 2007(Heideman)
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, WI State Lab of Hygiene
Email – (608) 224-6230 (Wisconsin)
Jennifer L. Ariazi, PhD 2003 (Gould)
Current Position: Manager, Virtual Proof of Concept DPU. GlaxoSmithKline Research & Development, Oncology Biology (Pennsylvania)
Scott M. Arnold, PhD 1995 (Hickey)
Current Position: Risk Assessment Specialist, The Dow Chemical Company (Michigan)
Mulugeta Assefa, PostDoc 1984-87 (Smalley)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology New Jersey City University
Email – 201-200-3060
JuYun Bae, PhD 2008 (Jeffries)
Current Position: Field Application Scientist; Life Technologies (Korea)
Niranjan Bagchi, MS 1980 (Dodson)
Current Position: Environmental Advisor, RasGas (Affiliate of ExxonMobil)
Tracie Baker, DMV, PhD 2013; PostDoc 2009-11 (Heideman)
2008-DVM UW-Madison; 2008-Certificate in Fish Health Medicine-UW-Madison
Current Position: 2016-Assistant Professor, Wayne State University
Email – Phone: (313) 577-2462
Nella Barshteyn, T32 Training Grant 2009(Elfarra)
Current Position: Regulatory Affairs Manager, Global Clinical Labeling Strategist, AbbVie
Diane Baxter, MS 1985 – SEE FORREST
Richard W. Beeman, PostDoc 1977 (Matsumura)
Current Position: Retired; Former Research Entomologist; USDA Agricultural Research Service, Grain Marketing & Production
Cassandra Belair, PhD 1997 PhD (Reznikoff)
Current Position: Associate Researcher, Department of Urology, University of California-San Fancisco – 415-476-2839 (California)
Heidi Bell, MS 1995 (Armstrong) – See Faller
Current Position: Office of Water, Office of Wastewater Management, US Environmental Protection Agency
Email – (202) 566-1089 (Washington, DC)
Sherly Bellevue, MS 2007 (E.Johnson)
Current Position: 2011 – Research Scientist, Exact Sciences Corp (Wisconsin)
Susan Bello, Post-Doc 2000-2002 (Peterson)
Current Positon: Scientific Curator The Jackson Laboratory (Maine)
David A. Belluck, Post-Doc 1983-1984 (Lichtenstein)
Current Position: Senior Transportation Toxicologist – Federal Highway Administration; US Dept of Transportation
Email -202-366-6549
Joseph Bessetti, MS 2002 MS (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position: Senior Automation Scientist, Promega Integrated Solutions & Engineering Corp (Wisconsin)
Marsha Betley, PhD 1984 – Deceased (Bergdoll)
Manju Bhattacharyya, PostDoc 1988-1989 (Reznikoff)
Current Position:
Heidi Bialk, PhD 2006 PhD (Pedersen)
Current Position: Principal Scientist at PepsiCo
Kristina Blanke, PhD 2013 (Trepanier)
Current Position: Microbiology Lab Instructor; Faculty, Carroll University
Michael Bleavins, PostDoc 1983-1985 (Hinsdill)
Current Position: Drug Development & Biomarker Consultant, White Crow Innovation
Email – 734-222-0013
Bayli J. Boehm, MS 2009 (Bushman)
Current Position: Organic Valley
Frederick Boehm, PostDoc 2012-2014 (Gould)
Current Position: Lecturer, Stats Department; University of WI-Madison
Patricia Boley, PhD 2009 (Sandgren)
Current Position: Assistant Steward, Winward Education and Research Center
Elyse Bolterstein, PhD 2010 (Allen Hoffmann)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Biology; Northwestern Illinois University,
Elizabeth Bookland, PhD 1991 (Reznikoff)
Current Position: Owner, Express Employment Professionals
Clarissa Booth (See Schaefer)
Sharon Boots, PostDoc 1981-82 (Evenson)
Current Position:
Anna Bos, MS (2016) (Hickey)
Current Position:
Cynthia Boyd, MS 1988 (Porter)
Current Position: Toxicologist, GZA GeoEnvironmental
Paul Brake, PhD 1998 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Director, Public Health & Life Sciences, CACI International, Inc
Amanda Branam, PostDoc 2010-2012 (Peterson)
Current Position:
Ashley Brinkman, PhD 2015 (Xu)
Current Position:
Marion Brodhagen PostDoc 2004-2006 (Keller)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology Western Washington University
Email – 360-650-2920
Matthew Brody, PhD 2013 (Lee)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Molkentin Lab, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Kenneth Brown, MS 2007 (Cook)
Current Position: Environmental & Chemical Compliance Manager, Illinois Tool Works
Joanna Bultman, PhD 2010 (E. Johnson)
Current Position: Study Toxicologist, WIL Research Labs
Maureen Bunger, PhD 2001 (Bradfield)
Current Position: Vice President, Product Development; SciKon Innovation, Inc
Email – (919) 530-6884
Charles Burant, MS 1981 (Hsia)
1987 MD/PhD from Medical University of South Carolina
Current Position: Professor, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan
Felipe Burns, PhD 2015 (Peterson)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, PPD Technologies
Donald Burr, PostDoc 1983-1984 (Sugiyama)
Current Position: Regulatory Microbiologist FDA ORA Office of Regulatory Science
Email – 240-402-3846
Emily Burton, MS 2004 (Hickey)
Current Position: Teacher, Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School
Neal Burton, PostDoc 2008-2010 (J. Johnson)
Current Position: Senior Application Scientist; iTherea Medical GmbH
Justin Bushkofsky, PhD, T32 Training Grant 2010-12 (Jefcoate)
Current Research: Research Associate, Department of Medicine – Endocrinology University of Wisconsin-Madison