Alumni C-F

Marcus J. Calkins, PhD 2008 (J. Johnson)
Current Position: Institute of Clinical Medicine, Medical College, National Cheng Kung University
Words of Advise: Your thesis is up to you. Don’t wait for someone else to take control of it, or you will wait forever.
Christin K. Campbell, MS 1997 (Tracy)
Current Position:
Sara A Carney, PhD 2005 (Peterson)
Current Position: Principal Toxicologist; Kimberley Clark Corporation
Lorraine E. Cathers, MS 1982 (Gould)
19__ PhD in Biochemistry from John Hopkins University
Current Position:Owner, Twerdok Consulting, LLC
Maria F. Cavieres, PhD 2001 (Porter)
1999 MS in Environmental Toxicology from UW-Madison (Smith)
Current Position: Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy; Head of the Pharmacy Program – University of Valparaiso, Chile
Email – 59-32-2508124
Peter Cavnar, PostDoc 2008-2010 (Huttenlocher)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of West Florida
William G. Chapman, MS 1999 (Fahl)
Current Position:
Chen-Peng M. Chen, PhD 1999 (Harkin)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Safety & Health, China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ali Chesney, PhD 2016 (Pedersen)
Current Position: Covalence
Brian Cholewa, PhD 2014 (Ahmad)
Current Position: January 2017 – Toxicologist, FDA Washington DC
Maro Chistou, Post Doc 1984-1986 (Jefcoate)
Current Position:
Melissa A. Cimafranca, PhD 2006 (Jefcoate)
Current Position:
Keelia (Rhodes) Clemens, PhD 2005 (Trepanier)
Current Position: Genetic Counselor, Duke Medical University
Justin Clements, PhD 2016 (Groves)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Suzanne Conklin, PhD 1999 (Schultz)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Biology, Rhode Island College
Carlos Coriano, PhD 2017 (Xu)
Current Position: Science Analyst, Department of Defense
Michelle Cotroneo, PostDoc 2002-2004 (Heideman)
Current Position: Blogger,
Michele D. (Zwolinski) Culumber, PhD 2002 (Hickey) – Email – (801) 626-7795
Current Position: Professor of Microbiology, Department Chair- Weber State University
Colleen Curran, PostDoc 2013-2014 (Keely)
Current Position: Biologist, NIH Clinical Center: Critical Care Medicine Department
Daniel A. Daggett, PhD 1997 (Siegel)
Current Position: 2011 – Executive Director of Sustainability; Sealed Air Corporation
(262) 631-2618
Erica L. Dahl, PhD DABT 2002 (Mulcahy)
Current Position As of Fall 2012 – Senior Toxicologist, SafeBridge Consultants, Eastern Operations
Email – (212) 727-0717
William Dancer, Post Doc 1975-1977 (Harkin)
Current Position: Retired, Scientist, Department of Soils, Water, and Climate; University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
K. Nadira De Abrew, PhD 2007 (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position: Senior Toxicologist, Proctor & Gamble
Emelyne K. Dengler, MS See Smith
Joshua Desotelle, PhD 2011 (Jarrard)
Current Position: PostDoc R. Anderson Lab, UW-Madison, Department of Dermatology
Joseph T. Dever, PhD 2008 (Elfarra)
Current Position:Toxicologist/Analytical Scientist, Standard Process
Danielle Devoney, PhD 1999 (Cook)
Current Position: Toxicologist, National Center for Environmental Assessment, Office of Research Development, Environmental Protection Agency
Michael J. DiBartolomeis Jr., PhD, DABT 1984 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Lead, California Environmental Contaminant Biomonitoring Program; Chief, Exposure Assessment Section; Environmental Health Investigations Branch; California Department of Public Health
Email – (510) 620-5732
Lynn Marie Diener, PhD, 2005 (Bleam)
Current Position: Associate Professor & Chair, Sciences Department, Mount Mary College
Email – (608) 890-1702
Lina Ding, PhD, 2014 (Shull)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Polyak Lab, Harvard University
Natalie DiNicola, PhD 1995 (Cook & Smalley)
Current Position: Vice President of Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships; Monsanto Co.
Email – (314) 694-3195
Steven Duddy, PhD 1987 (Hsia)
Current Position: Partner & Chief Scientific Officer; Intergrated Nonclinical Development Solutions (INDS Inc)
Renee J. (Duescher) Krause, MS 1992 (Elfarra)
Current Position: Covance
(608) 262-3653
Emmanuel K. Dzantor, PostDoc 1982-1984 (Harkin)
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Sciences; Tennessee State University
Email – 615-963-7977
Sandra R. Eldridge, PhD 1988 (Gould)
Current Position: Senior Scientist/Toxicologist, National Cancer Institute
(301) 624-2036
Tammy Elmergreen See Palenski
Sakina Eltom, PostDoc 1994-96 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Professor, Biochemistry & Cancer Biology; Meharry Medical College
George Enders, PostDoc 1975-77 (Duncan)
Current Position: Consultant for Pharmaceutical Quality and Compliance; Self Employed
Nancy J. Worley, MS 1983 (Pariza) (800) 468-1714
Current Position: Microbiology Research; Hershey Food Corp
Heidi (Bell) Faller, MS 1995 (Armstrong)
Current Position: Office of Water, Office of Wastewater Management, US Environmental Protection Agency
David S. Feenstra, MS 1983 (Hinsdill)
Current Position: Anesthesiologist; Traverse Anesthesia Associate
Mara Feld, PhD 2008 (Drinkwater)
Current Position: Academic Researcher; U-CONN Health
Kristen (Phillips) Fitzpatrick, MS 2005 (Pedersen)
Current Position: Data Management Operations Senior Project Manager; DaVita Clinical Research
Diane (Baxter) Forrest, PhD 1985 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Project Manager, Tetra Tech NUS
Steven Foster, PostDoc 1981-1984 (Ganther)
Current Position: President; Terra Mantis Environmental Consulting
Patricia Franks,PostDoc 1984-1986 (Bowman)
Current Position: Assistant Director of Project Management, Eisai Medical Research
Robert Freed, PostDoc 1980-1982 (Bergdoll)
Current Position: Patent Lawyer, Moore & Hansen PPLP
Email – (612) 333-8200
Christina Freisinger, PostDoc 2010-2011 (Huttenlocher)
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Oncology, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
Wayne Fritz, PostDoc 2002-2003 (Peterson)
Current Position: Toxicologist; Covance