Alumni G-J

Noe Galvan, PhD 2004 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Group Manager, Safety Global Technical Services; Nutrilite
Leonardo G. Ganem, PhD 1999 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Founder/Managing Partner, A Entertainment
Na Gao, MS 2008 (Yu)
Current Position:
Maria L. Garcia, MS 1986 (Peterson)
Current Position:
Graeme Garvey, PostDoc 2008-2010 (Keller)
Current Position: Vegetable Biochemistry Discovery Scientist, Monsanto
Joseph Gawdzik, PostDoc 2013-__ (Peterson)
Current Position:
Debra P. Gayda, PhD 1983 (Pariza) – (610) 458-7300
Current Position: Pharmaceutical Professional, Self-Employed
Olarae Giger, PostDoc 1977-1979 (Pariza)
Current Position: Lecturer, Jefferson School of Health Professions – Bioscience Technologies
Howard Glauert, PostDoc 1982-1985 (Pitot)
Current Position as of 2015: Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences; Director of Graduate Studies, Division of Nutritional Sciences, University of Kentucky
Email – 859-257-7789
James A. Gray, MS 1996 (Balke)
Current Position: Southwest District Director, North Dakota State University Extension Service
Email  – (701) 328-9715
Roland D. Green, PhD 1999 (Sussman) –
Current Position: President, Invenra
Scott J. Grossman, MS 1981 (Hsia)
1985 PhD in Pharmacology from Medial University South Carolina-Charleston
Current Position: President, Grossman Pharma Consulting LLC
Lynne E. Guagliardi, PhD 1987 (Paulnock & Albrecht) – (501) 796-7869
Current Position:
Yajun Guan, MS 2003 (Yu)
Current Position: Advanced Analyst, WellPoint
Sjöfn Gunnarsdottir, PhD 2002 (Elfarra)
Current Position: Policy advisor, transport of dangerous goods and risk assessement, Dutch National Institute for Public Health & the Environment, Netherlands
Email – +31-(0)30-274-4109
Advice: Work hard but don’t forget to explore and enjoy other aspects of your life, experiencing other environments than the lab does wonders to your creativity.
Karl E. Gustavson, PhD 2001 (Harkin)
Current Position: Research Biologist, US Army Engineer Research & Development Center
Jennifer H. Gutzman, PhD 2004 (Schuler)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, UW-Milwaukee, Biological Sciences
Email – (414) 229-5408
Younghee Hahn, PostDoc 1979 (Allen)
Current Position: Department of Chemistry, Sangmyung University
Paul R. Hanlon, PhD 2003 (Jefcoate) – Email – (847) 937-9229
Current Position: Associate Director of Regulartory Affairs, Abbot Nutrition
Gherry Harding, PostDoc 1980-81 (Kanarek)
Current Position: Retired
Karen M. Hathaway, MS 1990 (Tracy)
Current Position: Senior Project Toxicologist, Horizon Environmental
Colleen Hegg, PhD 1996 (Miletic) – Email – (517) 432-2339
Current Position: Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology – Michigan State University
Shawn Heidel, PhD 1990 (Czuprynski) – Email – (317) 433-5876
1996 DMV in Veterinary Medicine from UW-Madison
Curent Position: Executive Director, Lead Optimization Pharmacology and Toxicology, Covance
Timothy P. Heil, PhD 1989 (Lindsay) – Deceased 1997
Jocelyn D. Hemming, PhD 1998 (Lindroth)- Email – (608) 244-6230
Current Position: Senior Scientist; WI State Lab of Hygiene
James R. Herman, PhD 1988 (Bass)
Current Position: President & Partner, Integrated Nonclinical Development Solutions, Inc.
Nancy Higley, PostDoc 1978-80 (Schantz)
Current Position: Vice President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Kerry Ingredients and Flavours
Michael W. Hornung, PhD 1998 (Peterson) (608) 218-529-5236
Current Position: Research Toxicologist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Erin Hsu, PostDoc 2007-08strong> (Bradfield)
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery; Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
Julia Y. Hui, PhD 1984 (Taylor) – Email – (908) 673-2807
Current Position: Senior Director of Toxicology; Celgene Corporation
Janice M. Huss, PhD 1999 (Kaspar) – (626) 256-4673
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Molecular Diabetes Research, City of Hope
John Hutchinson, PhD 2012 (Tibbetts)
Current Position: Regularatory Toxicologist, Valspar
In Young Hwang, PhD 1992 (Elfarra) – Email – (055) 320-3253
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Inje University, Kimhae, Kyungnam, S. Korea
Amy Irving, PhD 2014 (Dove)
Current Position: PostDoc Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, UW-Madison
Roy Irving, PhD 2012 (Elfarra) – Email
Current Position: Toxicologist, Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Russhawn Jackson, PhD 1999 (Tracy) – (916) 324-2829
Current Position: Director/Toxicologist, TGS Illuminate Limited
Walter Jakubas, PostDoc 1990-1992 (Karasov)
Current Position: Scientist, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Taryn James, PostDoc 2011-13 (Wei)
Current Position: PostDoc Ricke Lab, UW-Madison
Mark Jankowski, PhD 2007 (Porter) – Email – (208) 237-6975 x120
Current Position: Research Ecotoxicologist, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Peter G. Janssen, MS 1988 – Email – (608) 836-0600
Current Position: Veterinarian, Janssen Clinic for Animals
Andrew Jayaraj, PostDoc 1981-1983 (Porter)
Current Position: Senior Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Travis J. Jerde, PostDoc, 2006-2007 & 2009-2010 (Bushman)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Pharmacy & Toxicology, Indiana University School of Medicine
Brian Johnson, PhD 2014 (Bradfield)
Current Position: PostDoc Fellow, Department of Biological Engineering, UW-Madison
Delinda Johnson, PhD 2012 (Fabry) – Email – (608) 890-1018
Current Position: Associate Scientist, School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison
Jeffrey A. Johnson, PhD 1992 (Siegel) – Email – (608) 262-2893
Current Position: Professor School of Pharmacy – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mark D. Johnson, PhD 1984 (Bryan) – (312) 353-3436
Current Position: Senior Environmental Health Scientist; Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry, Region 5
Shaina Johnson (See Kumar)
Frank A. Jones, PhD 1987
Current Position: Principal Consultant; Environ Corp
Brittney Jung-Hynes, PhD 2010 (Ahmad) – Email
Current Position: Senior Laboratory Developmental Specialist, UW Hospital & Clinics