Alumni K-L

Edward Kendrick, PostDoc 1978-1979 (Rankin)
Johnathan Kern, PostDoc 2003-2004 (J.Johnson)
Current Position: Director, Alliance Project Leader, AbbVie
Julie Kern, PostDoc 2004 (J.Johnson)
Curent Position: Medical and Scientific Writer; Self-Employed/Freelance
Aekyong Kim, PhD 2004 (Oberley) – Email
Current Position: School of Pharmacy, Catholic University of Daegu
James King, PostDoc 1981-1982 (Goldfarb)
Current Position:
Tisha King Heiden, PostDoc 2006-2008 (Peterson)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, UW-Lacrosse
Emily A. Kircher, MS 2004 (Barnes)
Current Position: Self Employed Recycling Artist
Rosemarie Kirwin, MS 1997 (Fallon)
Current Position:
James M. Kleeman, PhD 1988 (Peterson)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Covance Labs
Sarah Klingbiel See Yang
Karen Knierem, PostDoc 1975-1977 (Meisner)
Current Position: Anesthesiologist, Permanente Medical Group
Lynda Knobeloch, PhD 1988 (Harkin) Email – (608) 266-0923
Current Position: Retired, Former Senior Toxicologist, Bureau of Environmental & Occupational Health; WI Dept of Health & Family Services
Craig A. Koeller, MS 1998 (Miletic) – Email – (240) 818-7165
1995 DVM from UW-Madison
Current Position: Lab Animal Veterinarian, US Army Veterinary Corps
Jean (Kostenbader) Seidl, PostDoc 1976-1978 (Cliver)
Current Position:
Lawrence Koupal, PostDoc 1976-1978 (Deibel)
Current Position: Retired
Katherine A. Kragtorp, PhD 2003 (Smith) – Email – (612) 659-6000 x4494
Current Position: Adjunct Biology Faculty, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Renee Krause, MS 1992 (Elfarra)
Current Position: Covance
Lawrence Koupal, PostDoc 1976-78(Deibel)
Current Position: Retired
Kartik Kumar, MS 2012 (Pedersen)
Current Position: ICP Field Service Engineer, Agilent Technologies
Shaina (Johnson) Kumar, MS 2012 (Heideman)
Current Position: Owner & Propietor; ATP Administrative Solutions
Joseph R. Kurian, PhD 2006 (Trepanier) – Email – (608) 263-5520
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of OBGYN, University of Southern Illinois
Robin Kurtz, PostDoc 1988-1990 (Schultz)
Current Position: Distinguished Faculty Associate, Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Email – (608)-263-1781
Stephen Kutz, PostDoc 1977-1979 (Hinsdill)
Current Position: Deceased
Richard W. Lambrecht, PhD 1986 (Bryan) – Email – (860) 679-3759
Current Position: Instructor, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Lisa Landau See Acorn
Amy (Prasch) Landerman, PhD 2004 (Peterson)
Current Position: Global Product Manager; Promega
Kevin Lanham, PostDoc 2007-09 (Heideman)
Current Position: PostDoc Fellow, School of Pharmacy, UW-Madison
John LaPres, PostDoc 1997-1998 (Bradfield)
Current Position: Associate Professor- Biochemisty and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University
Email – 517-432-9282
Jill M. Larson, MS 1991 (Karasov) – Email – 920-498-6372
Current Position: Instructor, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences; Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Michele Larsen, PostDoc 1991-1992 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Associate Scientist, Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Email – (608) 263-3128
Steve Laszewski, PhD 1989 (Harkin)
Current Position: Senior Vice President of Environment, Forth and Van Dyke
Nellie Laughlin, PostDoc 1979-1981 (Bowman)
Current Position: Adjunct Lecturer, Health Sciences & Psychology, Carroll University
Maria E. Leal De Garcia, MS 1986
Current Position:
Cheol-Koo Lee, PhD 2003 (Prolla)
Current Position: Assistant Professor; Korea University Division of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering; Korea University
Elyse Lee See Osterweil
Jong-Min Lee, PhD 2003 (J.Johnson)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Sung Kyoung Lee, PhD 2015 (Griep)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania
Email – (608) 886-2083
Edward D. Levin, PhD 1984 (Bowman)(919) 681-6273
Current Position: Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Science; Duke University Medical Center Environmental Sciences & Policy
Guangming Li, PhD 2004 (Cook)(510) 428-3885
Current Position: Toxicologist; Novartis/Alcorn
Yafan Li, PhD 2005 (Oberley)
Current Position: Senior Regulatory Toxicologist; Lubrizol Corp
William Light, PostDoc 1980-1982 (Magnuson)
Current Position: Research Associate; California Academy of Sciences
Betsy T. Lin, MS 1990 (Hinsdill)
Current Position:
Francis Lin, PostDoc 1978 (Allen)
Current Position: Director, Division of Food Contact Notifications; Office of Food Additive Safety; Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Robert Lipinski, PhD 2008 (Bushman) (608) 265-8706
Current Position: Assistant Professor, UW-Madison, School of Veterinary Medicine
Biing-Hui Liu, PhD 1996 (Chu) – Email – (04)2473-0022 ext 11815
Current Position: Professor, Graduate Institute of Toxicology; National Taiwanese University
Jennifer Loertscher, PhD 2001 (Allen-Hoffmann) (206) 296-5945
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry – Seattle University
Joseph C. Loftus, PhD 1984 (Albrecht)
Current Position: Associate Professor of Biochem/Molecular Biology; Mayo Clinic
Jeffrey M. Lorch, PhD 2012 (Karasov & Blehert)
Current Position: Head of Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory; Wildlife Health Center
Linda J. Loretz, PhD 1986 (Reznikoff) (202) 331-1770
Current Position: Director, Safety & Regulatory Toxicology, Chief Toxicologist; Personal Care Products Council
Michael Luck, PostDoc 1994-1995 (Paulnock)
Current Position: Director of Regulatory Affairs, Oscient Pharmaceuticals
Linda Lutz, PostDoc 1988-1990 (Albrecht)
Current Position: Director & Instructor; Above the Beyond Yoga
David Lyons, PostDoc 1980-1982 (Taylor)
Current Position: Amgen Inc.