Alumni M-P

Laura A. Maack-Brondyk, MS 1987
Current Position:
Amy Mager (Schermacher), MS 1996 (Balke)
Current Position: IS Supervisor, Environmental Health Administration; WI State Lab of Hygiene
Thomas Malone, PhD 2007 (Fox)
Current Position: Acupuncturist, Integral Nature
Craig Marcus, PostDoc 1983-84 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Professor and Head, Dept of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology; Oregon State University
Email – (541) 737-1808
Advise To Current/Potential Students: Set both long term and short term goals, and be persistent in your science. Be willing to be flexible, because science is changing ever more rapidly and it is important to become broadly trained and adaptive to new topics and environments. Work hard, but make certain you have fun along the way, both in the lab and outside your research/work environment. Be collegial and collaborative; science is a small world and you never know who will end up reviewing your work.
Adam Mastrocola, PostDoc 2011-13 (Tibbetts)
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry; Connecticut College
Nina Mattarella, PostDoc 1981-84 (Pariza)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics & Human Development, Michigan State University
(517) 364-2022
Timothy J. Maziasz, PhD 1987 (Hjelle)
Current Position: Retired – Former Vice President of Non-Clinical Drug Safety Evaluation; Allergan
James McDonel, PostDoc 1975-1976 (Duncan)
Current Position: Retired, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Penn State University
Patrick McDougal, PostDoc 1982-1983 (Norback)
Current Position: Retired – Former Professor of Chemistry, Reed College
Susanne McMillan, PostDoc 2004-2006 Bradfield
Ameesha (Shetty) Mehta, PhD 2011 (Hickey)
Current Position:
Vatsal Mehta, PhD 2009 (Heideman) – (608) 890-3236
Current Position: Scientist/Toxicologist Oral Care Division; Procter and Gamble
Paul Mele, PostDoc 1979-1981 (Bowman)
Current Position: Director, Office of Research & Technology Applications for the Army Medical Research & Command Center
Daniel Mills, PostDoc 1977-78 (Sugiyama)
Current Position: Environmental Microbiologist; East Bay Municipal Utility District
Email – (510) 287-1426
Robert Moore, PostDoc 1979-1980 (Peterson)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Email – (608) 265-2531
Bridget N. Moran, MS 1996 (Harkin) (360) 902-2589
Current Position: Division Manager, Washington Fish & Wildlife Office; US Fish & Wildlife Services
Julie Moran, PostDoc 1999-2000 (Mulcahy)
Current Position:
Joseph Delfino, PostDoc 1976-77(Delfino)
Current Position: Director of Histocompatibility Laboratory; Scott & White Hospital & Clinic
Kaoru Murayama, MS 2001 (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position:
Mark J. Neveu, PhD 1993 (Pitot)
Current Position: Founder & President; Wellomics LLC
Wai-Kit Nip, PostDoc 1975-1976 (Chu)
Current Position: Retired – Former Professor of Molecular Bioscience & Bioengineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Email – 808-955-6942
Rachel Novick, PhD 2010 (Elfarra)
Current Position: Senior Health Scientist; Cardno ChemRisk
Emile F. Nuwaysir, PhD 1997 (Pitot)
Current Position: Vice President & Chief Operating Officer; Cellular Dynamics International; Madison, WI
Matthew J. Oberley, PhD 2003 (Farnham)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Clinical Pathology; University of Southern California
Kathleen A. O’Leary, PhD 1989 (Tracy) (608) 263-4850
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Department of Comparative Biosciences; UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Jake Olson, PhD 2016 (Cook)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison
James J. Olson, PhD 1991 (Chu) (262) 260-2768
Current Position: Senior Research Toxicologist; SC Johnson
Leon John Olson, PostDoc 1979-1982 (Hinsdill) – Deceased
Kofi Opong-Mensah, PhD 1986 (Porter) (916) 484-8011
Current Position: Instructor, Department of Chemistry; College of Marin
Eileen O’Neill, PostDoc 1983-1984 (Harkin)
Current Position: Executive Director, Water Environment Federation
Email – (703) 684-2430
Elyse (Lee) Osterweil, PhD 2005 (Wilding)
Current Position: Toxicologist, Environmental Protection Agency
Tammy (Elmergreen) Palenski, PhD 2013 (Sheibani)
Current Position: Abbvie
Muriel Palmgren, PostDoc 1977-79 (Smalley)
Current Position: Realtor; Prudential Gardner
Heesoo Park, PhD 2013 (Yu)
Current Position: PostDoc Research Fellow, Heitman Lab; Duke University
Sabine Pellett, 2004 (Tracy) (608)263-9420
Current Position: Associate Researcher, UW-Madison, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Bacteriology
James Pestka, PostDoc 1979-1982 (Chu)
Current Position: Professor – Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; Food Safety and Human Nutrition; Michigan State University
Email – Phone: (517) 355-08474 Ext 125
Ly Pham, PhD 2014 (Sandgren)
Current Position: Research Associate; Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine; UW-Madison
Kristen E. Phillips See Fitzpatrick
Keith Pierson, PostDoc 1982-1985 (Everson) – Deceased
Jessica S. Plavicki, PostDoc 20xx-2016 (Taylor & Bradfield)
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Pathology, Brown University
Stephen A. Ploch, MS 1992 (D. Smith)
Current Position: Study Director; Covance
Cynthia L. Platz See Thompson
Lori Plum-Baumberger, PostDoc 1999-2000 (Clagett-Dame)
Current Position: Chief Scientific Officer, Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals
Ashley Poenitzsch See Strong
Robin Polokoff, PostDoc 1979-80 (Suttie)
Current Position: Nutritionalist / Owner, Nutritional Counseling Services
Suzanne Ponik, PostDoc 2008-2009 (Keely)
Assistant Scientist, Department of Molecular Biology, UW-Madison
Lynn H. Pottenger, PhD 1990 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Toxicology Consultant Leader; DOW Chemical Co.
Carl Potter, PostDoc 1982-1984 (Peterson)
Current Position: Work Assignment Manager, Environmental Protection Agency’s Treatment & Destruction Branch
Joel Pounds, PostDoc 1975-1977 (Allen)
Current Position: Senior Staff Scientist in Cell Biology & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences Division and Science Advisor to the Environmental Biomarker Initiative; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Davalyn Powell, PostDoc 2014-2015 (Huttenlocher)
Current Position: PostDoc Fellow, Medical Microbiology; UW-Madison
Amy Prasch, PhD See Landreman
Jairaj A. Puthenveettil, PhD 1999 (Reznikoff) (617) 673-1199
Current Position: Takeda Pharmaceuticals