Alumni R-S

Harry Read, PhD 1990 (Harkin) (608) 265-4848
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, UW-Madison, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Soil Sciences
Gunda Reddy, PostDoc 1981-1982 (Norback)
Current Position: Toxicologist; Army Center for Health and Preventive Medicine
(410) 436-7701
Lisa Reedich, MS 2016 (Koch)
Current Position:
Monica T. Reinholz, PhD 1996 (Mieltic)
Current Position: Director of Assay Development; HTG Molecular Inc
Keelia Rhoads, PhD See Clemens
Sharon L. Ripp, PhD 1998 (Elfarra) (860) 441-4114
Current Position: Associate Research Fellow, Research and Development; Pfizer
Maureen K. Ripple, PhD 1996 (Wilding)
Current Position: Research Associate, Radiology Department, Dartmouth Medical School
J. Lea W. Roberts, MS 2007 (Jarrard)
Current Position: HR Specialist; WI Department of Workforce Development
Carlos J. Rodriguez-Sierra, PhD 1995 (Harkin)
Current Position: Professor at the Department of Environmental Health, Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico
Rebecca M. Roemig, PhD 1997 – See SELZER
Beth L. Roman, PhD 1997 (Peterson) 412.383.5297
Current Position: Assistant Professor Human Genetics; University of Pittsburgh
Catherine Rondelli, PostDoc 2014-15 (Jefcoate)
Current Position:
Peter E. Rose, PhD 2000 (Harkin)
Current Position: Pace Analytical Services
Teresa Rose-Hellekant, PostDoc 1997-1998 (Sandgren)
Current Position: Associate Professor – University of Minnesota – Medical School
Email – 218-726-6621
Emily Rosowski, PostDoc 2013-14 (Huttenlocher)
Current Position: PostDoc Fellow, Medical Microbiology & Immunology, UW-Madison
Rene Roy, PostDoc 2008-2010 (Klein)
Current Position: Pediatic Resident, Children’s Hospital Colorado
Kennedy (Ned) Rubert IV, PhD 2002 (Pedersen) 608-262-4319
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Dept of Entomlogy; UW-Madison
Echoleah Rufer, PhD. 2010 (Smith) – Email – (669) 227-6673
Current Position: Principal Dermal Toxicologist in Environmental Technologies at Apple
Kris F. Sachsenmeier, PhD 1996 (Allen-Hoffmann) – (301) 398 4587
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Oncology Research; Medimmune
Christine M. Sadek, PhD 1995 (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position: Critical Reagents Supervisor; 3M Innovative Properties
Shahanara Saroya, PostDoc 1991-1992 (Peterson) – Deceased
07/11/92-Killed in car accident along with her sister Razia Saroya
Zaman-Saroya Award given annually at UW-Madison School of Pharmacy for “Outstanding Graduate Student”
Jordan M. Sand, PhD 2010 (Verma)
Current Position: Associate Researcher, Dept of Animal Sciences; UW-Madison
Linda M. Sargent, PhD 1991 (Pitot)
Current Position: Research Toxicologist, CDC/NIOSH
Peter Sausen, PhD 1992 (Elfarra) (608) 241-7209
Current Position: Vice President of Global Safety Assessment & Metabolism; Covance
Steven Sauter, PostDoc 1977-1978 (Rankin)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Division of Applied Research & Technology at the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Email – (513) 533-8157
Susan L. Schantz, PhD 1985 (Bowman) (217) 333-6230
Current Position: Professor, Veterinary Bioscience; University of IL-Urbana-Champaign
Amy Schermacher, MS 1996 – See MAGER
Travis L. Schmit, PhD 2010 (Ahmad)-(608) 262-0943
Current Position: R&D Senior Scientist; PepsiCo-Frito-Lay
Candy S. Schrank, MS 1989 (Cook) – Email – 608/267-7614
Current Position: Environmental Toxicologist; WI Department of Natural Resources
Kenneth Schrankel, PostDoc 1979-1981 (Hsia)
Current Position: Retired – Former President of Schrankel Consulting – Holmdel, NJ (908-610-9948) Email – (732)-946-3358
Steven J. Schwartz, PhD 1982 (Pariza) (614) 292-2934
Current Position: Professor, Food Science and Technology; Ohio State University
Mark D. Seefeld, PhD 1979 (Peterson) – (858) 410-5200
Current Position: President; Nonclinical Safety Consulting Services, LLC
Jean Seidl, PostDoc 1976-78 (Cliver)
Current Position:
Lisa Seidman, PostDoc 1985-1987 (Gould)
Current Position: Biotechnology Instructor, Madison Area Technical College
(608) 246-6204
Rebecca M. (Roemig) Selzer, PhD 1997 (Elfarra) (608) 218-7600
Current Position: President & CEO, Roche NimbleGen Systems
Clarissa Shaffer, PhD 2014 (Pedersen)
Current Position: Feb 2017 – Global Toxicologist, H.B. Fuller
Weihua Shan, PhD 2011 (Oberley) – Email
Current Position:
Erin Shanle, PhD 2013 (Xu) – Email
Current Position: Fall 2016 Longwood University (VA), Biology Professor
Prior Position: 2013-2016-SPIRE PostDoc Fellow; UNC- Chapel Hill
Jane E. (Maier) Sharer, PhD 1993 (Elfarra) – (651)575-1959
Current Position: Membership Secretary, Xi Chapter; Graduate Women in Science
Lauri Shepel, PostDoc 1991-1992 (Gould)
Current Position:
Ameesha Shetty, PhD See Mehta
Leonard J. Shore, PhD 1992 PhD (Odell) Deceased 03/25/08
Chao-yun Shih, PostDoc, 1976-1977 (Chu)
Current Position: Retired, Former Professor of Biological Sciences; Southern University and A&M College
Harry Sloan, PostDoc 1989-1990 (Miletic)
Current Position:
Emelyne (Dengler) Smith, MS 2007 (Peterson)
Current Position: Public School Teacher
Thomas Smith, PostDoc 1979 (Rankin)
Current Position: Lecturer of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesEmail – (612) 625-2044
Paula J. Souik, MS 1998 (Chu)
Current Position: Environmental Scientist; Assessment and Restoration Division, NOAA
Mary Spindler, PostDoc 1984-1985 (Porter)
Current Position: Owner, Traditional Healing Arts, LLC
Email – 505-690-8855
Christopher L. Sprague, PhD, DABT 2004 (Elfarra)
Current Position: SAP Deployment Lead, Abbvie
Noel Stanton, MS 1982 (Harkin)
Current Position: Senior Management Supervisor; WI State Lab of Hygiene
Gerard Stelma, PostDoc 1977-1978 (Bergdoll)
Current Position: Senior Science Advisor, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment Research Division, US Environmental Protection Agency
Email – 513-569-7384
Paul K. Stevens, MS 1996 (Czuprynski)
Current Position: Transkaryotic Therapies
(617) 349-0503
Geoffrey E. Stilwell, PhD 1997 (ffrench-Constant) (781) 938-1333
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology; Rhone Island College
Ashley (Poenitzsch) Strong, PhD 2015 (Spiegelman)
Current Position: Exact Sciences, Research Scientist
Shelly Su, PostDoc 1998 (Jefcoate)
Current Position: Instructor, College of Health and Human Services, Oregon State University
(541) 737-3833)
Young-Joon Surh, PhD 1990 (Miller)
Current Position: Professor and Chief, National Research Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention, Seoul National University College of Pharmacy
Jessica Sutherland, PhD 1997 (Greger) (508) 890-0216
Current Position: Director of Toxicology, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
John Sword, PostDoc 1988-1990 (Pariza)
Current Position: Professor of Biology and Anatomy/Physiology at Harrisburg Area Community College
Deeba Syed, PhD 2011 (Mukhtar)
Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Dermatology, UW-Madison