Alumni T-Z

Yu-Tzu Tai, PhD 1996 (Gould)
Current Position: Senior Research Scientist, Medical Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Robert Tanguay, PostDoc 1996-1997 (Peterson)
Professor, Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology; Oregon State University
Email – 541-737-6414
Rohinton Tarapore, PhD 2010 (Mukhtar)
Current Position: R&D Associate; Oncoceutics, Inc
Justin G. Teeguarden, PhD 1999 (Pitot) (509)376-4262
Current Position: Senior Scientist in the Fundamental and Computational Sciences Directorate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Evan Thackaberry, PhD, D.A.B.T. 2002 (Smith) 973-940-4207
Current Position: Toxicologist & Therapeutic Area Leader, Genentech, Inc
Ashleigh Theberge, PostDoc 2013-14 (Ricke)
Current Position: (Jan 2016) Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry; University of Washington
Robert L. Thiboldeaux, PhD 1996 (Lindroth) 608-267-6844
Current Position: Toxicologist, Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health, WI Department of Health Services
Julia Thissen-Parra, PostDoc 1990 (Tracy)
Current Position: Athenix Corporation
Cynthia L. (Platz) Thompson, PhD 1996 (Lindroth)
Current Position: Writer/Editor, SRA International
Nancy Thompson, PostDoc 1979-1980 (Sugiyama)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Email – (608) 263-3375
Todd A. Thompson, PhD 1997 (Gould) (505) 925-4710
Current Position: Assistant Professor; University of New Mexico
Peter S. Thorne, PhD 1984 (Albrecht) (319) 335-4216
Current Position: Professor & Director; Environmental Health Sciences Research Center; University of Iowa
Lisa M. VanPay, PhD 2006 (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position: Director of Research Communications; The George Washington University
John (Jack) P. Vanden Heuvel, PhD 1991 (Peterson) (814) 863-8532
Current Position: Professor of Molecular Toxicology; Dept of Veterinary and Biomedical Science; Penn State University; Co-owner and Chief Scientific Officer, Indigo Bioscience, Inc.
Javier Velasco, PhD 2016 (Porter)
Curent Position:
Kathey Verdeal, PhD 1982 (Rose)
Current Position: Forensic Toxicologist; Toxicology Consulting, Inc
Anne (Zaiser) Vravick, PhD, 1997(Miletic)
Current Position: Homemaker – Rec’d a degree in Education in 2005 from Mount Mary College
Mary Walker, PhD 1991 (Peterson) (505) 272-0580
Current Position: Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology – University of New Mexico
Bingcheng Wang, PhD 1991 (Gould) (216) 778-4256
Current Position: Professor of Pharmacology, Case Western University
Steven I-Hui Wang, PhD 1994 (Kaspar)
Current Position: Research Manager, Pharmaceutical; Health Care Quantitative Market Research
Lana Weckbach, PostDoc 1975-1977 (Marth)
Current Position: Hemoglobinbopathy Lab Manager, Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Teresa C. Weglarz, PhD 2000 (Sandgren) (920) 832-2674
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Biological Sciences; UW-Fox Valley
Lori White, Post Doc 1996-1997 (Allen-Hoffmann)
Current Position: Current Position: Assisant Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology – Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Email – 732-932-9763 x128
Paige Wiecinski, PhD 2012 (Pedersen)
Current Position: Research Scientist; Altria
John Wiley, PostDoc 1982-84 (Meisner)
Current Position: Professor, Clinical Genetics, Dept of Genetics; East Carolina University
Christy R. Wilhelms, MS 1985 (Bisgard)
Current Position: Paraeducator, Chain Lake Elementary School, Tahmoa School District
Cristopher A. Williams, PhD 1990 (Jefcoate) 850-668-3551
Current Position: Senior Science Advisor, ENVIRON, Tampa, FL
Susznne N. Williams See McMillan
Neil M. Wilson, PhD 1986 (Jefcoate) – Deceased
Letitia Wong, PhD 2014 (Bushman)
Current Position Fall 2015: Research Associate at Michigan State University
Mary Alice Woody, MS 1986 (Chu)
Current Position: S&T Project Manager; Armed Forces of Regenerative Medicine
Nancy J. Worley, MS 1983 – See ERDMAN
Xiaofang Xu, PhD 2002 (Pariza) (608) 263-4343
Current Position: Lead Scientist; Regenerative Medical Solutions
Hyu-Hwan Yang, PostDoc 1977-1978 (Peterson)
Current Position: Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences, Korean Advanced Institute of Science Phone: 042-869-2663/5623
Sarah (Klingbiel) Yang, PhD (Petersen) – Email – (608) 266-9262
Current Position: Environmental Toxicologist, Water Evaluation Section-Water Quality Bureau, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Min Yu, PhD 2010 (Bushman)
Current Position: Clinical Chemistry Fellow, Department of Pathology; University of Virginia
Monica Yue, PhD 2016 (Peterson)
Current Position: Technical Services Scientist, Promega
Alice Yuroff, PhD 2002 (Hickey) (608)238-3011
Current Position: Senior Program Manager; Free to Breathe
Erik Zabel, PhD 1995 (Peterson)
Current Position: Surveillance/Special Projects; Minnesota Department of Heath-Environmental Impacts Analysis Unit
Dong Zhao, PhD 2002 (Jefcoate) (414) 456-8336
Current Position: Senior Research Toxicologist; AbbVie
Yang Zhao, MS 2012 (Bradfield)
Current Position: Senior Scientist; Pfizer
Yun Zhao, PhD 2013 (Sheibani)
Current Position: Senior Scientist, PPD Inc
Anne Zaiser, PhD 1997 – See VRAVICK
Michele D. Zwolinski, PhD 2002 – See CULUMBER