Student and Postdoc Awards & Honors


  • Ali Chesney (PhD student with Joel Pedersen) has recently received a Science Internationalization Award from the UW College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. This $10,000 award will support development of an online toxicology course in collaboration with scientists in New Zealand.


  • Postdoctoral trainee Emily Rosowski, PhD, has received an NIH F32 postdoctoral fellowship, F32AI113956, “The Role of Rac and ROS in the Control of Aspergillus Infection”
  • Monica Yue (PhD student with Dick Peterson) received the Victor Drill Award from the Society of Toxicology’s Midwest Regional Chapter (MRC-SOT) for her poster “Investigating Proepicardial and Myocardial Cells as Targets of TCDD Cardiotoxicity in Zebra Fish Embryos.”
  •  Former postdoctoral trainee Tracie Baker, DVM, received an NIH K award, K01OD010462 “Adult and Transgenerational Toxicity Due to Developmental TCDD Exposure”. She also recently completed her PhD degree with the MET graduate program and is well on her way to becoming an independent investigator.
  • Postdoctoral trainee Taryn James, PhD, received a postdoctoral fellowship from the PhRMA Foundation “Mechanisms and Molecular Targets of Phytoestrogens in Breast Cancer In Vivo”.
  • Postdoctoral trainee Adam Mastrocola, PhD, received an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship “Defining the Roles of Fused in Sarcoma Protein in the DNA Damage Response”.
  • Postdoctoral trainee Ashleigh Theberge, PhD, has been selected to receive funding from NIH K12 grant K12 DK100022. This new appointment and funding will start on 3/1/14.


  • Ashleigh Theberge received two awards at the 2013 Society of Toxicology annual meeting: “First Place Winner of the In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section Student Award in the Postdoctoral Scholar category” and “In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section MB Research Award for Distinction in Practical In Vitro and Alternative Toxicology Methods”. Ashleigh works with David Beebe and Wade Bushman.
  • Former predoctoral trainee Robert Lipinski, PhD ‘08, received an NIH K99/R00 grant in 2012 while he was a postdoc at the University of North Carolina. He has been hired as an Assistant Professor here at UW-Madison and the award is now in its R00 phase.
  • Emmanuel Vazquez-Rivera has received two honors: a predoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation and a Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Microbiology. Emmanuel works with Tim Bugni.
  • Ashley Brinkman received the 2013 Student Achievement Award presented by the Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group. Ashley works with Wei Xu.
  • Amy Irving received a Peer Mentoring Award from UW-Madison. Amy was a PhD student with Bill Dove.