Research Interests

Photo of Folagbayi Arowolo Fola Arowolo
Advisor/Lab: Dhanu Shanmuganayagam

Studying the impact of exogenous oxidized lipids on cardiovascular disease.

Photo of Mele Avilla Mele Avilla
Advisor/Lab: David Jarrard, PhD

Study of epigenetic changes in prostate resulting in prostate cancer.

Joni Baker, PhD Candidate Joni Baker
Advisor/Lab: Vincent Cryns
Examining dietary methionine restriction as a therapeutic approach to the management and treatment of triple negative breast cancer
Photo of Gradaute Student Cherry Tsai Brown Cherry Tsai Brown
Advisor/Lab: William Karasov

As temperature changes with climate changes, it can affect the ecotoxicology of the pollutants in the Great Lakes region.  I am interested in investigating how temperature affects PCB and PBDE toxicokinetics and chronic toxicity in Northern Leopard frogs.

Patrick Carney, PhD Candidate Patrick Carney
Advisor/Lab: Kristen Malecki

Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor and associated signaling pathways in human disease and biomarkers of these disease states.

Photo of Hannah Chung Hannah Chung
Advisor/Lab: Rob Lipinski
Photo of Justin Clements Justin Clements
Advisor/Lab: Russell Groves

Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) and understanding the underlying causes for the decrease in insecticide effectiveness.

Photo of Carlos Coriano Carlos Coriano
Advisor/Lab: Wei Xu

Estrogen receptors

Photo of Carol Diaz Carol Diaz-Diaz
Advisor/Lab: Gregory Kennedy

The role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AHR) in colorectal cancer and intestinal biology.

Photo of Josh Everson Josh Everson
Advisor/Lab: Robert Lipinski

Clefts of the lip and palate are among the most common human birth defects, yet causative factors remain elusive for most cases.  I use the mouse to study genetic and environmental factors contributing to the pathogenesis of these orofacial clefts.

Photo of Juliana Falero-Perez Juliana Falero Perez
Advisor/Lab: Nader Sheibani

Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Animal Models, Retinal Vascular Cell Biology and Signal Transduction

Liz Garcia, PhD Candidate Liz Garcia
Advisor/Lab: Nihal Ahmad

Study the molecular mechanisms/signal transduction pathways involved in the development and progression of cancer. Role and functional significance of mitotic regulators in cancer development and progression.

Photo of Debra Garvey Debra Garvey
Advisor/Lab: Joel Pedersen

Investigating bacterial mediated transformations of next-generation battery cathode materials.

Amarilyz Gonzalez-Vazquez, PhD Candidate Amarilys (Lily) Gonzalez Vazquez
Advisor/Lab: Paul Koch
Photo of Tae Won Kim Tae Won Kim
Advisor/Lab: Vladimir Spiegelman

The role of oncogenic RNA-binding protein, CRD-BP, in cutaneous malignancies.

Photo of Kyoungtea Kim Kyoungtea Kim
Advisor/Lab: Joel Pedersen

Interaction between nanomaterials and a variety of biological systems.

Photo of Liz Miller Liz Miller
Advisor/Lab: Joel Pedersen

I am interested in the mechanisms of plant root uptake of pharmaceutical and personal care product ingredients and other contaminants from treated wastewater.

Photo of Molly Morgan Molly Morgan
Advisor/Lab: David Beebe

Developing a screening platform that can identify chemicals that influence estrogen receptor positive breast cancer progression.

Photo of Jessica Mehlenbeck Jessica Muhlenbeck
Advisor/Lab: Mark Cook

Investigating the role gastrointestinal barrier function plays in chronic inflammation and potential effects of dietary fatty acids.

Photo of Chelsea O'Driscoll, PhD Candidate Chelsea O’Driscoll
Advisor/Lab: Joshua Mezrich

Investigating the effects of air pollution on the lung’s adaptive immune response. Specifically, we are interested in the AHR-dependent effects of air pollution
on T-cell populations. Airborne pollution, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, T-cells, lung transplant rejection.

Photo of Jake Olson Jake Olson
Advisor/Lab: Mark Cook

My research is concerned with chronic inflammatory diseases. I am developing an inflammatory metabolome as a means to screen potential pro and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Photo of Erin Ostrem Erin Ostrem Loss
Advisor/Lab: Jaehyuk Yu

I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of metabolic degradation of the environmental contaminant and carcinogen, benzo(a)pyrene, by Aspergillus sp.,  a genus of soil dwelling filamentous fungi.

Photo of Carlos Rodriguez Carlos Rodriguez
Advisor/Lab: Vijayasaradhi Setalur1

Understanding the mechanisms of a signaling molecule, known as cyclic AMP (cAMP), in the development of melanoma skin cancer and its resistance to treatment.

Benjamin Sanchez-Sedillo, PhD Candidate Benjamin Sanchez-Sedillo
Advisor/Lab: Russell Groves

Pesticide fate and effects in the environment.

Photo of Morten Seirup Morten Seirup
Advisor/Lab: James A Thomson

Keeping hepatocytes in culture

Photo of Michael Shea Michael Shea
Advisor/Lab: Linda Schuler

I am interested in understanding how cancer stem cells promote therapy resistance in estrogen receptor alpha-positive mammary carcinomas.

Young-Seok Song, PhD Candidate Yong-Seok Song
Advisor/Lab: Rotating
Maisie Steinbrink, PhD Candiate Maisie Steinbrink
Advisor/Lab: Lloyd Smith
Photo of Samuel Thomas Samuel Thomas
Advisor/Lab: Co-PI's: Will Ricke (7107 WIMR) & Lingjun Li (5125 Rennebohm)

We are interested in the impact of environmental endocrine disruptors like phthalates on prostate diseases, both benign and neoplastic.

Anne Truco, PhD Candidate Anne Turco
Advisor/Lab: Chad Vezina
Photo of Emmanuel Vazquez-Rivera Emmanuel Vazquez-Rivera
Advisor/Lab: Chris Bradfield

Detoxification mechanisms and signaling pathways, biological role of AHR and its endogenous ligand, signaling pathway cross-talk stress response, microbial toxins, neurotoxicology, microbial-neurotoxicology and neuroregeneration.

Morgan Walcheck, PhD Candidate Morgan Walcheck
Advisor/Lab: Rotating
Photo of Kyle Wegner Kyle Wegner
Advisor/Lab: Chad Vezina

Urinary obstruction and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)

Photo of Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson
Advisor/Lab: Gregory Kennedy

Mechanisms of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated protection in colon tumorogenesis

Photo of Jalissa Wynder Jalissa Wynder
Advisor/Lab: Will Ricke

Environmental Estrogens and Prostatic disease

Photo of Jeremiah Yee Jeremiah Yee
Advisor/Lab: Chris Bradfield

Physiological role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor

Photo of Charles (DeYang) Yu Deyang Yu
Advisor/Lab: Dudley Lamming

Investigate the role of mTOR complex in metabolism and aging.

Photo of Monica Yue Monica Yue
Advisor/Lab: Richard E Peterson

I am interested in understanding the effects of TCDD on heart development in embryonic zebrafish. More specifically, how the developing epicardial, myocardial, and endocardial cells of the heart interact with one another and respond to TCDD exposure.