Professional Development

Professional Development goes beyond what students and postdocs do in the classroom and at the bench.  It includes an array of skills and knowledge that are not often taught yet are vitally important to furthering one’s career.

METC graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to complete 3 units (activities) per semester from the areas listed below.  Selections should be based on areas that you think are gaps you need to fill before you graduate.

The six areas below have been designated by the National Postdoctoral Association as “Core Competencies.”  The resources listed are by no means exhaustive; in fact, if you know of some other resources that would be helpful to have, by all means, let us know so that we can add them.


Follow the link to Teaching Resources to explore several opportunities offered by the Graduate School, Delta, and the Office for Equity and Diversity, that will help you develop your professional teaching skills.