Graduate Students

                     NAME                       RESEARCH INTEREST
Allyson Pulvermacher 

Advisor/Lab: Colin Jefcoate

Using laryngeal kinematics to diagnose voice disorders and prevent their development
Amarilys (Lily) Gonzalez Vazquez

Advisor/Lab: Paul Koch

Alterations in turfgrass-associated microbial communities and its influence on pesticide fate and breakdown.
Andrew Knutson

Advisor/Lab: Rotating

Anne Turco

Advisor/Lab: Chad Vezina

Evaluating the effect of TCDD on nerve distribution and function in the prostate of developing mice.
Benjamin Sanchez-Sedillo

Advisor/Lab: Russell Groves

Pesticide fate and effects in the environment.
Brenda Rojas

Advisor/Lab: Rotating

Charles Olmsted

Advisor/Lab: Rotating

Chelsea O’Driscoll

Advisor/Lab: Joshua Mezrich

Investigating the effects of air pollution on the lung’s adaptive immune response. Specifically, we are interested in the AHR-dependent effects of air pollution
on T-cell populations. Airborne pollution, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, T-cells, lung transplant rejection.
Debra Garvey

Advisor/Lab: Nihal Ahmad

Investigating malignant, non-melanoma skin cancers that originate from keratinized epithelial cells.
Deyang Yu

Advisor/Lab: Dudley Lamming

Investigate the role of mTOR complex in metabolism and aging.
Elizabeth (Liz) Miller

Advisor/Lab: Joel Pedersen

I am interested in the mechanisms of plant root uptake of pharmaceutical and personal care product ingredients and other contaminants from treated wastewater.
Emmanuel Vazquez-Rivera

Advisor/Lab: Chris Bradfield

Detoxification mechanisms and signaling pathways, biological role of AHR and its endogenous ligand, signaling pathway cross-talk stress response, microbial toxins, neurotoxicology, microbial-neurotoxicology and neuroregeneration.
Erin Ostrem Loss

Advisor/Lab:Jaehyuk Yu

I am interested in understanding the mechanisms of metabolic degradation of the environmental contaminant and carcinogen, benzo(a)pyrene, by Aspergillus sp.,  a genus of soil dwelling filamentous fungi.
Fola Arowolo

Advisor/Lab: Dhanu Shanmuganayagam

Studying the impact of exogenous oxidized lipids on cardiovascular disease.
Hannah Chung

Advisor/Lab: Rob Lipinski

Investigation of gene-environment interactions that can result in forebrain / facial abnormalities & neurological deficits.
Jalissa Wynder

Advisor/Lab: Will Ricke

Environmental Estrogens and Prostatic disease.
Jeremiah Yee

Advisor/Lab: Chris Bradfield

Physiological role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor.
Jessica Muhlenbeck

Advisor/Lab: Mark Cook

Investigating the role gastrointestinal barrier function plays in chronic inflammation and potential effects of dietary fatty acids.
Joni Baker

Advisor/Lab: Vincent Cryns

Examining dietary methionine restriction as a therapeutic approach to the management and treatment of triple negative breast cancer.
Juliana Falero Perez

Advisor/Lab: Nader Sheibani

Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinopathy of Prematurity, Animal Models, Retinal Vascular Cell Biology and Signal Transduction
Kyle Wegner

Advisor/Lab: Chad Vezina

Urinary obstruction and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)
Kyoungtea Kim

Advisor/Lab: Joel Pedersen

Interaction between nanomaterials and a variety of biological systems.
Liz Garcia

Advisor/Lab: Nihal Ahmad

Study the molecular mechanisms/signal transduction pathways involved in the development and progression of cancer. Role and functional significance of mitotic regulators in cancer development and progression.
Mele Avilla

Advisor/Lab: Wei Xu

Treatment with Dip G can modulate resistance to endocrine therapy in indolent and metastatic BrCa and Pca tumor types.
Molly Morgan

Advisor/Lab: David Beebe

Developing a screening platform that can identify chemicals that influence estrogen receptor positive breast cancer progression.
Morgan Walcheck

Advisor/Lab: Joshua Mezrich

Tumor micro-environment in pancreatic cancer.
Morten Seirup

Advisor/Lab: James A Thomson

Keeping hepatocytes in culture
Patrick Carney

Advisor/Lab: Kristen Malecki

Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor and associated signaling pathways in human disease and biomarkers of these disease states.
Rachel Wilson


Advisor/Lab: Christopher Bradfield

Mechanisms of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated protection in colon tumorogenesis.
Samuel Thomas

Advisor/Lab: Co-PI’s: Will Ricke & Lingjun Li

We are interested in the impact of environmental endocrine disruptors like phthalates on prostate diseases, both benign and neoplastic.
Shelby Petersen

Advisor/Lab: Rotating

Victoria Harms

Advisor/Lab: Rotating

Yong-Seok Song

Advisor/Lab: Nader Sheibani

Cellular and molecular interactions in retinal vascular development and neovascularization.