Facts about the MET-SROP

In Summer 2022, four participants and affiliates will work with the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program’s Summer Research Opportunities. In addition to research in the labs, they will participate in learning sessions that cover various forms of scientific communications, present their data as both papers and proposals, and attend tutorials where they will hear from current graduate student and affiliates about their scientific journeys. A listing of the participants and projects are below:

2022 MET-SROP Participants

Participant Laboratory Project
Crystal Cafferty Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly TBA
Suraj Chetty Gregory Barrett-Wilt TBA
Loren Lopez-Rivera C. Dustin Rubinstein TBA
Nicole Pagan-Torres Cara Westmark TBA

History of the Program
Since the original T35 NIEHS Training Grant, 113 students have participated in the MET-SROP. Many of the undergraduates who have completed the program have continued to graduate or professional school following completion of their undergraduate degrees. Below is a representation of degrees and number of students who completed or are in-progress with further degrees.

Degree Program Number
PHD 24 Overall
12 MET
MS 11
MD 8
PharmD 7
Others (DO, DVM, MBA, OD) 4