History of the Program
Since the original T35 NIEHS Training Grant, 113 students have participated in the MET-SROP. Many of the undergraduates who have completed the program have continued to graduate or professional school following completion of their undergraduate degrees. Below is a representation of degrees and number of students who completed or are in-progress with further degrees.

Degree Program Number
PHD 24 Overall
12 MET
MS 11
MD 8
PharmD 7
Others (DO, DVM, MBA, OD) 4

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2022 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Crystal Cafferty Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly SLC16A14 in fibrolamellar carcinoma
Suraj Chetty Gregory Barrett-Wilt  Developing an LC-MS/MS method to measure estradiol
Loren Lopez-Rivera C. Dustin Rubinstein Single-cell RNA-seq NF1 model reveals stubtypes of myeloid cells
Nicole Pagan-Torres Cara Westmark  Validation of micropipette-guided drug administration technique for dosing Fmr1 KO mice

2021 Alumni

Program not offered due to COVID.

2020 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
DaJhnae Gambrell-Sanders Kristen Malecki Exposure to Phthalates Impact Human Health
Nneamaka Iwobi Christopher Bradfield Oral Exposure to Arsenic through Food Consumption
Aundrea Lee Anna Shen DEET Exposure and the Effect it has on Human Health
Collin Nguyen  Christopher Bradfield Environmental Impacts of Bisphenol A on Aquatic Fauna
Amanda Rosendo-Ocasio Anna Shen Assessment of Prenatal Exposure to Permethrin and Its Relationship with Birth Defects by Alteration of the Hedgehog (Hh) Signaling Pathway
Breanna Sullivan Kristen Malecki Environmental Injustice: Socioeconomic Disparities in Lead Exposure

2019 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Noah Carrillo Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly Circadian Disruption and Premalignant Hepatic Inflammation
Amanda Chavarria-Colon Corinna Burger Is IP3R1 a new phosphorylation target for P70S6 Kinase?
Osato Eke Hao Chang Determining the role of FZD6 in Melanoma Using Auxin-Inducible Degron System
Jazlyn Farlough Nihal Ahmad Establishing an expression profile for Polo-like Kinase 5 (PLK5) in Ovarian Cells
Aaron Gholston Cara Westmark Testing the Ketogenic Diet on Sleep Phenotypes in Fragile X Mice
Aundrea Lee William Ricke Collagen Deposition Analysis of the Prostate
Robbie Manuel Laura Hernandez Peripartum Sertraline Usage & Sustained Bone Mineral Density Reduction
Jose Marrero-Valentin Christopher Bradfield Effect of ARA9 and ARA3 in AHR Signaling Pathway
Veronika Matsuk Vincent Cryns Effect of BCAA Starvation on Breast Cancer

2018 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Tyler Alvarez Hao Chang Role of Frizzled 5, 7, and 8 in cancer metastasis
Enrique Avila Paul Marker Growth Hormone Receptor Expression in Prostate Cancer
Noah Carrillo Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly Circadian Disruption and Pancreatic Inflammation
Krysian del Valle Nihal Ahmad An emergent role in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) for the hinstone deacetylase SIRT6 in melanoma
Osato Eke Nihial Ahmad The role of SIRT6 poly clones in Melannoma cells and the effects of knockdown SIRT6 in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition markets
Alejandra Gutierrez Cara Westmark Testing Direct Effects of the Ketogenic Diet in Fragile X Mice
Lakeshmi Jackson Christopher Bradfield Optimization of Yeast Model as a biosensor for Detection of AHR ligands
Aundrea Lee Nihal Ahmad The chemopreventative effects of grape powder on uvb induced skin damages
Veronika Matsuk Robert Lipinski Hedgehog signaling regulation of endothelial cell-pericyte interactions in craniofacial morphogenesis

2017 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Brandon Bocanegra Christopher Bradfield AHR and Yeast
Adetola Coker William Ricke EGFR Phosphorylation induced by Bisphenol-A
Veronika Matsuk Robert Lipinski Pericytes in Craniofacial Morphogenesis
Camilo Mesa Christopher Bradfield Yeast Reporter System to study the AHR
Carrie Stroetz Christopher Bradfield Creating a high-throughput detection system with ONPG to study the dynamics of AHR B3

2016 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Edwin Jimenez-Sanchez Corinna Burger Determining dose response and time course of GDNF Expression by AAV2 and AAV5 in Rat’s Striatum
Malique Jones Joel Pedersen Effects of Sodium Azide on Plants :Development of a System to Measure Active Uptake of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Product Ingredients
Stephanie Krislov Corinna Burger Developing a Protocol for Expressing and Purifying Alpha Synuclein
Rochely Luna-Serrano Christopher Bradfield AHR Endogenous Ligands Assessment using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Biosensor
Chris Muriel-Mundo Christopher Bradfield Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a biosensor to study chemical mixtures and AHR
Jossiemar Perez-Horta Dhanansayan Shanmuganayagam Determining the Effect of Dietary Oxidized Lipid Consumption on Gut Barrier and Immune Function Using Swine Models

2015 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Oxmara Barrera Gregory Kennedy Screening of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Ligands as Novel Chemopreventive Agents for Colorectal Cancer
Bryson Bellefeuille Joshua Mezrich AHR-dependent effect of particulate matter on the inflammatory response of the lung
Amarilys (Lily) Gonzalez William Karasov Effects of 2,4-D on final oocyte maturation in fathead minnows
Shanika Kingston Wei Xu Preliminary study of an estrogen receptor heterodimer inducing compound
Tiffany Nguyen Lauren Trepanier Defective GST-theta activity in canine livers
Pha Tran Linda Schuler Protein expression variation between papillary and glandular ER(alpha-+) mammary carcinomas
Andy Vega Caraballo William Ricke Gene expression and BPA exposure in prostate cancer

2014 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Isaac Beaubrun William Ricke Dioxin exacerbates prostatic disease by increasing collagen deposition in mouse prostates
Monah Clark Herbert Chen Novel Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors to Target Aggressive Thyroid Cancers
Curtis Halpin Joel Pedersen Environmental transmission of chronic wasting disease
Arnaldo Lopez Chad Vezina The influence of embryonic dioxin exposure on adult prostate proliferation in mice
Aglee Martinez-Lopez Matthew Ginder-Vogel Metastable Fe-mineral formation via Nitrate dependent Fe(II) oxidation
Chris Muriel Mundo Christopher Bradfield Yeast as a biosensor of chlorinated hydrocarbon
Paola Perez Laura Hernandez A potential mechanism for impaired lactation in obese women
David Schargorodsky Jae-Hyuk Yu The Role of Cytochrome P450s in Benzo[a]pyrene Degradation
Jenny Vo William Ricke The effects of fetal dioxin exposure on hormone induced prostate function

2013 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Simisola Alalade William Karasov The Northern Leopard Frog: Optimizing A Sucrase Assay in Litobate Pipiens
Kiara Amaro  William Karasov Analysis of maltase activity in Lithobates pipiens during metamorphosis
Folagbayi Arowolo Jess Reed Effects of Tannin Structure on the Antifungal Properties of Tannin-Chitosan Biopolymers
Mele Avilla Christopher Bradfield Isolating Novel Transcripts of Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy (PPCD1)
Billonrosannae Chhouk Matthew Ginder-Vogel The oxidation of bisphenol A and 17(beta)-estradiol by manganese(IV) oxide
Marissa Hartleb Jae-Hyuk Yu Fungi-bacteria Co-culture for Enhanced Biodegradation
Wilmarie Hernandez Rama Maganti Seizure Frequency and Susceptibility in Sleep Deprived Mice
Patricia Maina Hrissanthi (Chris) Ikonomidou Effects of formula type on infant growth (0-12 months)

2012 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Rogelio Aguirre Wei Xu Using Co-Immunoprecipitation to Investigate Whether or Note O-Glcnacylation of CARM1 Affects CARM1 and TIF1A Interaction
Folagbayi Arowolo Jess Reed Characterization of Tannin-Chitosan Composite Nanoparticles for Use in Prevention of Post-Harvest Soft Fruit Rot
Carol Diaz Lauren Trepanier Functional characterization of the CYB5R3 intronic SNP I1M+6
Karen Flores Gregory Kennedy Chrysin-induced apoptosis is mediated by the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling Pathway
Yvonne Hernandez William Karasov IgY Antibody Response in Juvenile Rana pipiens following PCB-126 exposure
Devon Hunter-Schlichting Christopher Bradfield Function of Csrp2bp in Pathogenesis of Posterior Polymorphous Corneal Dystrophy
Chelsea O’Driscoll Warren Heideman Understanding how Dioxin Activated Ahr2 Inhibits Sox9b in Embryonic Zebrafish

2011 Alumni

Participant Laboratory Project
Fatima Ali Hasan Mukhtar Targeting Autophagy in Prostate Cancer Cells by Green Tea Polyphenol EGCG.
Kimberly Burgess Mark Cook Neutralization of growth factor altering polluting mineral requirement of growing chicks
Jasmine Dockery Lauren Trepanier Relationship of NAT2 genotype with sulfonamide hypersensitivity
Liz Hernandez Lauren Trepanier Determination of the methylation status of promoter regions of the CYB5A and CYB5R3 genes in individual human liver and breast
Tiffany Jones Nancy Keller The role of Aspergillus fumigatus bZIP transcription factor, RsmA, in oxidative stress response