Request Prelim Warrant

The preliminary exam warrant request form should be filled out at least 3 weeks prior to the preliminary exam. See the Checklist for MET Committee Meetings, Preliminary Exam, and Thesis Defense document and Graduate Handbook for more detailed information. Committee requirements can be viewed at the UW-Madison Policy Library website.

Please check your grades before completing the form. If there is a temporary grade (NR, I, P, or Q), contact the professor who taught the course to change the grade. The Graduate School will not issue a warrant if you have temporary grades.

If you are a student who transferred into the MET program at UW, you will need to include information about your coursework from your previous graduate institution. This is so the Graduate School can verify you have met the Minimum Graduate Degree Credit and Coursework Requirements. You will need to enter information for up to five graduate courses that you took while at your previous graduate institution. You will need to include the following information for each course:

  • Institution
  • Course Name
  • Course Number
  • Academic Term
  • Credits

The MET graduate program manager will request the warrant from the Graduate School. When the Graduate School approves the request, the graduate program manager will send an email to notify you that the request was approved.