Summer Research Opportunities Program

Applications are routed through the Graduate School. Applications are open from January 15- February 15 and requires a personal statement, a description of your research history, an unofficial copy of your transcript, and letters of references. The application portal can be found here.

The Summer Research Opportunities Program of the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program has been been training talented undergraduates that can help diversify the scientific community since 1995. First funded by a T35 grant from NIEHS, the program is currently supported by an NIEHS R25 mechanism (R25 ES020720), with further support from the School of Medicine & Public Health and the Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Through these funding mechanisms, we are able to support 6-10 students each summer.

The program is 10 weeks long, typically running from the last week in May through the first week in August. A majority of the time is spent working in the lab of a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor is assigned by program leadership in coordination with student identified research interests and faculty availability. The faculty mentor guides each undergraduate through their research project. These projects are designed such that a student will not only learn research techniques, but be able to obtain usable data within the 10 week program span. Topic areas can include cancer, genetics, aging, prion disease, neuroprotection, oxidative stress, and human development, just to name a few. The projects and other tutorials will stress the importance of environmental health science and research.

In addition to the research that is conducted, participants will engage in professional development tutorials, which emphasize the rigors of scientific discovery, responsible conduct, and dissemination of results. Another program-sponsored tutorial is presented by current MET graduate students, some of whom are MET-SROP alumni themselves, talking about their scientific journey and how they achieved this point in their career.

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The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Center’s Summer Research Opportunities Program is funded by NIEHS Grant R25 ES020720, “Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Summer Research Opportunities Program (MET-SROP).”