The one constant with the excellence of the Center is the people who are involved within it – current students, faculty, alumni, and affiliates!

Guest Lecturing:

There are seven didactic core courses taught and the students benefit from every guest lecturer with whom they interact.  The topics are wide and varied.  If you would like to share your expertise, we’re certain that we would be able to fit you in to a course.  Or,  if you have an idea or topic that you think should be grasped by future colleagues, let us know and we will try to incorporate it.


Want to talk about the research you’ve done since graduation?  Have some insights that should be learned, but don’t necessarily fit in to a full curriculum?  A presentation at MET 800 seminar would be perfect!  We are always looking for guest speakers to provide knowledge that our students can utilize in future endeavors.


Financial support contributed to MET can help in a variety of ways. Donations pay for guest speakers, program initiatives, and alumni mixers & activities. In 2020, students took the initiative to organize the new Travel Award: The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Travel Award for Equity and Inclusion, which will fund conference travel.

If you wish to contribute online, you may do so by clicking this link to University of Wisconsin Foundation. We thank you!