• Two MET Faculty Awarded with WARF Named Professorships

    MET Faculty Affiliates Dr. Kristen Malecki and Dr. William Murphy were both recognized for their accomplishments and received WARF Named Professorship Awards for this recently completed round of nominations. Dr. Malecki, an associate professor in …

  • MET Newsletter Released on April 02nd

    The MET Newsletter was released on April 02nd and includes information about the Fall 2020 incoming class, recent graduates, awards and milestones achieved by program affiliates, and other “news of note” from around the program. …

  • Looking Back, Looking Forward: MET Since March

    While the campus has been in reduced activity since mid-March, MET students and affiliates were able to move research forward and achieve notable accomplishments. During this time: Fellowship Awarded Anne Turco (Lab of Chad Vezina) …

  • Incoming Class for Fall 2020

    The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program is proud to welcome four new students to its cohort in Fall. Katherine Burgener (BS, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Tech). Kate, a Madison-area resident, is a PhD candidate. …

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MET Spotlight

  • Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Debra Garvey

    MET alumna Debra Garvey (PHD ’19, Ahmad Lab) spoke with Mark Marohl, describing her time in the program and what she’s been up to since she graduated. Dr. Debra Garvey (PHD ‘19, Ahmad Lab) transferred …

  • Student Spotlight: Brandon Bocanegra

    Brandon Bocanegra (MS ’20, Cryns Lab) entered the MET Graduate Program following a summer in the MET-SROP under Christopher Bradfield. He successfully defended his MS thesis in late June and has since moved to an …

  • Student Spotlight: Folagbayi (Fola) Arowolo

    Folagbayi (Fola) Arowolo (x ’20, Shanmuganayagam Lab) has been affiliated with the Tox Center since 2012, when he worked in the lab of Dr. Jess Reed for the MET-SROP. Having just completed his six-month meeting, …

  • Student Spotlight: Kyle Wegner

    Kyle Wegner (x ’19, Vezina Lab) will defend on December 20th. He has been on the job-hunt and looking for a job within industry. Between writing, applying, and interviewing, he interviewed with Anne Turco to …

  • Student Spotlight: Jeremiah Yee

    Jeremiah Yee (x ’19, Bradfield Lab) is currently finishing up his dissertation for a defense before the end of the semester. He took some time out of writing and job hunting to speak with Rob …

  • Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Matthew Brody

    Dr. Matthew Brody (PHD ’13, Lee Lab) reflects on on how graduate school experiences started his “conventional” path to a tenure-track faculty position. When did you participate in the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Graduate Program? …

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Recent MET Milestones

  • 05/15/2022: The MET congratulates Morgan Walcheck (Lab of Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly) on the conferral of her doctorate degree.
  •  12/26/2021: The MET congratulates Amarilys (Lily) Gonzalez-Vazquez (Lab of Paul Koch), Kim Kyoungtea (Lab of Joel Pedersen) on the conferral of their doctorate degrees, and Hannah Peterson (Lab of Lauren Trepanier) for her Master degree.
  • 08/31/2021: N. Thomas Peterson (Lab of Chad Vezina) successfully passed his preliminary exam.
  • 08/22/2021: The MET congratulates Patrick Carney (Lab of Christopher Bradfield) on the conferral of his doctorate degree. 
  •  08/06/2021: Brandon Scharpf (Lab of Chad Vezina) successfully passed his preliminary exam.
  • 07/08/2021: Brenna Walton (Lab of Lisa Arendt) successfully passed her preliminary exam.
  • 06/14/2021: Tyler Beames (Lab of Robert Lipinski) successfully passed his preliminary exam.
  • 06/07/2021: Robbie Manuel (Lab of Yun Liang) successfully passed his preliminary exam.
  • 05/27/2021: Glorimar Guzman-Perez (Lab of Nihal Ahmad) successfully passed her preliminary exam.
  • 05/01/2021: Mele Avilla (Lab of Christopher Bradfield) successfully defended her dissertation.
  • 04/13/2021: Anne Turco (Lab of Chad Vezina) successfully defended her dissertation.
  • 01/22/2021: Members of the Bradfield Lab, including Rachel Wilson (PHD, 2020), Patrick Carney, Jessica Parrott, Brenda Rojas, and Jeremiah Yee (PHD, 2020) had “Generation of an Allelic Series at the Ahr Locus Using an Edited Recombinant Approach” published (e-pub ahead of print) in Toxicological Sciences.