Faculty affiliated with the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program come from thirty departments that represent nearly every school or college on-campus. In addition to training our students, these faculty members teach in our core courses, serve on advisory committees, and participate in various other ways to ensure the success of our students.

We try to keep up-to-date on which of our faculty are seeking students for the new semester, but don’t always hear. If there is a faculty member that you, as an incoming student, are interested in, we would encourage you to reach out to that faculty member.

Should you be a current faculty member who would be interested in affiliating with our program, please send an e-mail to director Chad Vezina.

Affiliated faculty have minimum participation requirements. A listing of these mentoring guidelines are enumerated.

Without further ado, please see are currently affiliated faculty.

Animal Sciences

Ralph Albrecht

Dhanansayan Shanmuganayagam


Jaehyuk Yu


Michael R. Sussman

Biomedical Engineering

David Beebe

William Murphy

Biomolecular Chemistry

Peter Lewis

Cell & Regenerative Biology

Ying Ge

James Thomson

Colin Jefcoate

Anne Griep
Emery H. Bresnick

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Katrina McMahon

Christy Remucal

James Schauer

Comparative Biosciences

Joan Jorgensen

Linda Schuler

Chad Vezina

Jyoti Watters

Robert Lipinski