Training Grant in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology

The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Center’s NIEHS T32 Training Grant is the centerpiece of the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program since 1975. It supports predoctoral and postdoctoral research training in a manner that develops a diverse and skilled scientific workforce that will be needed to support our nation’s efforts to address pressing current and future issues in environmental health.

Environmental health research is entering a new era, with exciting new opportunities, as well as new uncertainties and challenges. Our renewal application (submitted May 2017) attempts to provide scientific training that emphasizes scientific rigor, a fundamental mechanistic approach to environmental health research, and promotes a diverse, flexible, and nimble cadre of scientists to lead us into the coming years.

Applicants to be trainees typically work in the labs of our current faculty mentors and their applications are reviewed by our Training Grant Committee.  Our training grant supports pre- and postdoctoral trainees whose career goals are directed toward mechanistic toxicology and the role of environmental exposures in human disease in one of the following focal areas:

Development, birth defects, and teratogenesis;
Target organ toxicity; and
The roles of Inflammation and immunosuppression in disease susceptibility.

The current grant, in year 40, supports eight predoctoral and three postdoctoral trainees. “Support” means a stipend, health, insurance, tuition and fees, and some travel money issued at the discretion of the Principal Investigator.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

Be a US citizen or permanent resident
Be in the laboratory of a participating faculty trainers (see list here)
Have a research project that meets the NIEHS TG Guidelines.
Be making satisfactory progress in their research
Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (pre-doc)
Have at least one full year before completing degree (pre-doc)
Have been supported on this grant two years or less.
Meet with their research advisory committee on annual basis
Take required core courses and receive grades of B or higher (predoc)

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The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Center’s T32 Training Grant is funded by NIEHS Grant T32 ES007015, “Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Pre- & Postdoctoral Training Program.” This grant number should be included in all the acknowledgements of all publications where the research(er) was supposed, in part, by the training grant. NIH-Required Grant Reporting can be found here.