Mentor Responsibilities

In October 2016, Director Christopher Bradfield had a call for all affiliated faculty to “re-affiliate;” essentially, he wanted to define what it meant to be a member of the Toxicology Center.

At a minimum, a faculty advisor should attend the MET 800 seminar of his/her student(s).

Faculty members are One of the requirements was for affiliated faculty to provide eight hours of participation. Participation can be done in the following ways:
– Teaching lecture hours in one of the MET Core Courses
– Participating as a discussant in the Responsible Conduct of Research courses, OBGYN 955 (Fall) and OBGYN 956 (Spring)
– Serving during the tutorial sessions for the Summer Research Opportunities Program.
– Providing assistance at MET Professional Development activities
– Attendance at MET 800 seminars
– Attendance at MET Program Retreat
– Service on a committee (program or student not in your lab)

Mentor Responsibilities
1) I will provide funding for my student; or work to otherwise identify funding for my student.
2) I will give guidance to my students, including for the project, techniques, and career.
3) I will provide a safe working environment for my students.
4) I will assure that my students meets program milestones in a timely manner.
5) I will assist my students with scientific documentation (including lab notebooks, prelim, manuscripts, and dissertation), but will not write them for the student; this will be an opportunity to learn.
6) I will care.