Amarilyz Gonzalez-Vazquez, PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate – Started 2016
Hometown:  Aguadilla, PR

Advisor/Lab: Paul Koch

Research Interests:

Alterations in turfgrass-associated microbial communities and its influence on pesticide fate and breadown.


University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla 2013-2016
Bachelors of Science in Environmental Technology (2016)

Why I Chose MET @ UW-Madison

My passion for environmental conservation and restoration has always been a primary focus in my academic and professional decisions. One question I always ask myself is: In what ways can I contribute to both human health and the environment? I was able to find my answer while being involved in an undergraduate summer research program with the MET Program at UW-Madison. I am confident that obtaining a graduate degree in MET will contribute to my professional preparation and enable me to search for new alternatives in solving environmental problems as well as educate society.


My favorite thing to do when I am back home in PR are water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. I also love going on fun and new adventures, sightseeing, photography, reading fiction novels, watching TV series/movies, and spending time with my family and friends.