Career Corner

Graduates are Poised for Success

With a better than 95% graduation rate, students do graduate with a degree in Molecular & Environmental Toxicology and, as can be seen by our alumni page, they go into a variety of careers. The can range from traditional, bench scientist roles to nontraditional, such as scientific writing, medical fields, or agency directorships.

This page is to give you an idea of the breadth of careers that MET graduates go into following graduation, be it immediately following or as careers progress. The Career Spotlights below demonstrate these opportunities.

Whether graduating with an MS or a PHD, you should be able to secure a position in a field of your choosing.

Quick Facts

  • Better than 95% graduation rate
  • Success includes MS, PHD, and Postdoctoral Alumni
  • 75+% have continued in the field / research careers

Beyond the Bench - Career Paths that MET Alumni have Successfully Followed . . .

While alumni of the program as well-positioned to continue at the bench, many choose to go into different career tracks. Alumni who have entered government positions sometimes do more work at their desk, reviewing articles to advise and create policies that affect the health of whole cities, counties, states, and / or nations. The ability to present science is crucial, so some have focused their career goals on becoming scientific writers. Some have returned to school and are engaged in medicine or law. Whether the field is pharmacology, nutrition, medicine, or toxicology, there is likely an MET alum there somewhere.

Please see our “Careers Exchange” page, where program alumni can post openings that they have or are aware of in their companies, or students can talk about upcoming graduation and indicate careers they are interested in learning about more, and some career advice that has been shared and exchanged between students and alumni.