Assistant Professor in Animal Science


Department of Animal Science;
1675 Observatory Drive

Research Interests:Genetic swine models of human diseases.


Focus on the development and utilization of novel swine models of human disease for elucidating mechanisms and discovering targets for development of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The genetic proximity of swine to humans and the overwhelming similarities in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition make swine the ideal model for preclinical studies of the interaction between genetics and nutrition as it relates to diseases. I believe that the use of such highly translational models accelerate the rate at which discoveries can be developed into applications and technologies that benefit human and animal health.

Patents & Applications 

Tannin-containing gastrointestinal formulations and methods of use Publication date: 2014-07-14 Publication number: US20140200266A1

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Mentor to METC Graduate Students:
  • Folagbayi Arowolo (2014-2020)