PhD Candidate – Started 2014

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

Advisor/Lab: Dhanu Shanmuganayagam

Research Interests:Studying the impact of exogenous oxidized lipids on cardiovascular disease.


University of Pittsburgh 2010-2014
Bachelors of Science in Biology (2014)


Playing sports and reading and writing fiction. My interests change frequently but I’m always trying to gain new skills that I can incorporate into my daily life.

Why I Joined METC

I joined METC after spending two summers in UW’s SROP program. The program exposed me to different research labs and interesting projects throughout the university. Hearing about new cutting-edge research genuinely sparked my curiosity.


Currently, I am interested in researching how miRNA, derived from circulating blood and atherosclerosis-prone regions, modulate inflammatory processes that lead to the development of atherosclerosis in our novel swine model. I am also interested in studying the effects of exogenous oxidized lipids on the development of atherosclerosis. Eventually, I would like to study how exogenous oxidized lipids affect the patterns of miRNA expression.