PhD Candidate – Started Fall 2015

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Advisor/Lab: Mark Cook

Research Interests:Investigating the role gastrointestinal barrier function plays in chronic inflammation and potential effects of dietary fatty acids.


UW-Madison – Bachelor of Science – Pharmacology and Toxicology; Biology (2015)


I have been doing triathlons for seven years now and enjoy both training for them and racing. I also enjoy almost all other outdoor activities. I like to cook and watch sports especially the Green Bay Packers.

Why I Joined METC

I joined METC because of the high level of research at UW-Madison. The collaboration within the university and the interdisciplinary aspect of the program gives me the opportunity to experience various aspects of toxicology other programs cannot offer. After finishing my undergraduate degree at UW-Madiosn I knew I did not want to leave the city or the university. I was looking for a program that takes pride in its research and cares about its student’s education and future, and METC offers all of these features.


Rotating labs during Fall 2015 semester