Professor in Soil Science

Hiram Smith Annex 103

Research Interests: Physical, chemical and biological processes affecting contaminant fate, transport, and bioavailability.


My research focuses on fundamental processes affecting the movement, reactivity and bioavailability of organic toxicants and engineered and biological nanoparticles in aquatic, soil and sediment systems. Major research interests include the environmental transmission of prion diseases (e.g., “mad cow” disease, chronic wasting disease of deer and elk and sheep scrapie); the behavior of and potential toxicity of pharmaceutically active compounds in the environment; elucidation of molecular mechanisms responsible for sequestration and time-dependent decline in bioavailability of sediment-and soil-associated contaminants.

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Mentor to METC Graduate Students:

  • Kate Burgener (Current)
  • Kyoungtea Kim (Current)
  • <Dominic Sanchez (Current)
  • Heidi Bialk (2006)
  • Alexandra Chesney (2016)
  • Kristen Fitzpatrick (2005)
  • Kartik Kumar (2012)
  • Liz Miller (2019)
  • Kennedy Rubert IV (2008)
  • Clarissa Shaffer (2014)
  • Paige Wiecinski (2012)
  • Sarah Yang (2013)