Assistant Professor in Surgery
(608) 263-2527

Box 7375 Clinical Science Center

Research Interests:Transplant tolerance and how environmental exposures alter the immune system.


  • The aryl hydrocarbon receptor meets immunology: friend or foe? A little of both.
    Julliard W, Fechner JH, Mezrich JD Front Immunol 2014; 5():458.
  • Antithymocyte globulin is associated with a lower incidence of de novo donor-specific antibodies in moderately sensitized renal transplant recipients. Brokhof MM, Sollinger HW, Hager DR, Muth BL, Pirsch JD, Fernandez LA, Bellingham JM, Mezrich JD, Foley DP, D’Alessandro AM, Odorico JS, Mohamed MA, Vidyasagar V, Ellis TM, Kaufman DB, Djamali A  Transplantation 2014 Mar 27; 97(6):612-7.
  • Exposure to atmospheric particulate matter enhances Th17 polarization through the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. van Voorhis M, Knopp S, Julliard W, Fechner JH, Zhang X, Schauer JJ, Mezrich JD, PLoS ONE 2013; 8(12):e82545.
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