PhD Candidate – Started Fall 2015

Hometown: Madison, WI

Advisor/Lab: Wei Xu

Research Interests:Treatment with Dip G can modulate resistance to endocrine therapy in indolent and metastatic BrCa and Pca tumor types.

Undergraduate UW-Madison – Bachelor of Science – Biology (2013)


Staying active whether that is running, hiking, or biking across the campus. Exploring Madison and what this city has to offer. Discovering new bands and going to shows. Meeting people and making new friendships. I also like spending time with my family.

Why I Joined METC

METC provides the opportunity to collaborate with researchers who are highly respected in the scientific community. In addition, this program gives students the possibility to expand their knowledge in diverse fields, such as: carcinogenesis, developmental biology, genetics, etc. Most importantly METC training focuses on addressing the adverse effects of chemicals on biological processes which has larger impact on communities.

Research Lab of Wei Xu.