Postdocs and Scientists

            NAME                    RESEARCH INTEREST
Taryn James, PhD

Advisor/Lab: William Ricke

Elucidating the mechanisms and effect of environmental toxicants like Bisphenol A (BPA) in benign prostate disease and prostate cancer.
Clara Jeong, PhD

Advisor/Lab: William Ricke

Mode of action of phthalates toxicity on androgen receptor (AR) regulated events in prostate cancer progression.
Brian Johnson, PhD

Advisor/Lab: David Beebe

Applying molecular biology and physical science approaches to primary patient samples to understand and predict how chemical, molecular and physical environments influence cancer progression.
Neil Lamarre, PhD


Advisor/Lab: Dale Bjorling and Chad Vezina

Effects of chronic exposure to Biphenol A (BPA) on lower urinary tract dysfunction.
Eric Nguyen, PhD


Enhanced-throughput platforms to model retinal and neural vasculature on synthetic hydrogels for toxicity screening