Teaching Resources

For those of you starting TAships and/or planning on a teaching career in the future, the teaching resources listed below may be of great assistance to you. The University offers many different opportunities for you to develop your professional skills, whether it be through the Delta Program, the Graduate School, or any other group on campus. Please see below for several teaching resources available to you on campus.

Delta Program and Graduate School Opportunities

Scientific Teaching for TAs: this one-credit course for graduate students, which is designed specifically for newer TAs, provides students with the skills needed to be an effective teaching assistant.

L&S TA Training: the School of Letters & Science offers TA training events each semester for first time TAs.

Teaching and Learning Research Guide for STEM: this online teacher training was created jointly by the Center for Biology Education, Delta, Engineering Learning Center, Wendt Library, and Steenbock Library.

Teaching Portfolio: this online guidebook designed by the Delta Program helps students understand why teaching portfolios are important, what the benefits are of having one, and how to get yours started.

Graduate Assistants’ Equity Workshops: the Office for Equity and Diversity offers workshops that provide information on relevant laws, policies, regulations, and resources. If you hope to be reappointed as a TA more than one time, you are required to take one of these workshops. Registration is required and can be found by clicking on the link.