Photo of Vijay Setaluri, PhDProfessor in Dermatology

439 Medical Sciences Center

Research Interests:Biology of melanocytes and melanoma

    • Kedlaya, R., Kandala, G., Liu, T. F., Maddodi, N., Devi. S., and Setaluri, V. (2011) Interactions between GIPC-APPL and GIPC-TRP1 regulate melanosomal protein trafficking and melanogenesis in human melanocytes Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 508: 227-233.
    • Syed, D. N., Afaq, F., Maddodi, N., Johnson, J. J., Sarfaraz, S., Ahmad. A., Setaluri, V., and Mukhtar, H (2011) Inhibition of human melanoma cell growth by the dietary flavonoid fisetin is associated with disruption of Wnt/β-catenin signaling and decreased Mitf levels. Journal of Investigative Dermatology Epub. Feb 24
    • Goswami, S., Tarapore, R. S., Teslaa, J. J., Grinblat, Y., Setaluri, V., and Spiegelman, V. S. (2010) MicroRNA-340-mediated degradation of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor mRNA is inhibited by the coding region determinant-binding protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285: 20532-20540.
    • Maddodi, N. and Setaluri, V. (2010) Prognostic significance of melanoma differentiation and transdifferentiation. Cancers 2: 989-999
    • Xu, X., Kedlaya, R., Ikeda, S., Justice, M. J., Setaluri, V., and Ikeda, A. (2010) Mutation in archain 1, a subunit of COPI coatomer complex, causes diluted coat color and Purkinje cell degeneration. PLoS Genetics 6: e1000956
    • Maddodi, N., Huang, W., Havighurst, T., Kim, K., Longley, J., and Setaluri, V. (2010) Hyperactivation of Oncogenic BRAF Triggers Autophagy and Inhibits Melanoma Tumor Growth in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 130:1657-1667.
    • Maddodi, N., Bhat, K. M. R., Devi, S., Zhang, S-C., and Setaluri, V. (2010) Oncogenic BRAFV600E Induces Expression of Neuronal Differentiation Marker MAP2 in Melanoma Cells by Promoter Demethylation and Downregulation of Transcriptional Repressor HES1. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285:242-54