Professor in Biomedical Engineering


Lab: http://bioinspired.engr.wisc.edu/
(608) 265-9978

5405 Wisconsin Institute for

Research Interests:Creation of new biomaterials using bioinspired approaches, using biomaterials to define the stem cell microenvironment, development of biomaterials for tissue regeneration (tissue engineering) and new approaches for drug delivery and gene therapy.

In the Bioinspired Materials Laboratory, we are interested in developing “smart” biomaterials that mimic the complex signaling environments of natural tissue development. We place particular emphasis on temporal and spatial control over growth factor activity, gene transfer, and mechanical stimulation.

The materials developed in our lab are then used to understand and control stem cell differentiation, ultimately geared towards directed regeneration of a variety of human tissues. Our group is highly interdisciplinary, with research areas ranging from novel materials design approaches to basic stem cell biology.