Emeritus Faculty


Since 1975, the Center and Program participants have been central to all that we do. From curriculum creation to research breakthroughs to large grant awards, none of this could happen without our faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Many faculty have retired or otherwise stepped away from laboratory activities. While they are no longer taking and training students, their legacy will be felt by those that will come forward through the program.

Below is a sampling of these faculty and their contributions to the program. Legacy faculty, while still on-campus, have not had a student or postdoctoral trainee in the past ten years, or are bringing their research activities to a close in the near-future.

Emeritus Faculty

Ralph Albrecht, Animal Sciences
A founding member of the Center, Dr. Albrecht made important contributions to the Center’s Summer Program and Steering Committee into the 2000’s.

Warren Heideman, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Heideman’s mentoring at all levels – Summer Program, Graduate Program, Postdoctoral Training – provided many success stories to MET.

William J Hickey , Soil Sciences
A USDA Young Investigator of the Year, Dr. Hickey provided diligent and thoughtful guidance to MET as Associate Director from 2006 until his retirement.

Colin Jefcoate, Cell & Regenerative Biology
The story of MET cannot be told without Dr. Jefcoate, who served as PI to the T32, director of the Center, PI for a Center grant, and was instrumental to curricular developments.

Richard Peterson, Pharmaceutical Sciences
A founding mentor of MET, Dr. Peterson’s legacy will be his mentoring, an impact that is currently embodied in the form of current MET Director Chad Vezina.

Warren Porter, Integrative Biology
A crucial member of MET, Dr. Porter’s students were able to document and disseminate the effects of pollutants on wildlife populations.

Legacy Faculty

Charles Czuprynski, Pathobiological Sciences
Dr. Czuprynski’s incredible efforts to the MET T35 Summer Research Program enabled the MET to build a strong cohort of students from a variety of backgrounds.

Marty Kanarek, Population Health Sciences
One of the earliest members of MET, Dr. Kanarek’s contributions have included postdoctoral mentoring in the early days of the T32, as well as curricular instruction that explores environmental contaminants.

William Karasov, Forest & Wildlife Ecology
A long-time member of MET, Dr. Karasov’s legacy will be felt in the environmental research he forwarded, the academic mentoring he provided, and the dedication to teaching that he showed.

Linda Schuler, Comparative Biosciences
Dr. Schuler will leave a legacy of great mentoring, for her students, her postdocs, and for the students on whose committees she served.

Michael R. Sussman, Biochemistry
Dr. Sussman’s faculty and directorship positions enabled MET students and postdocs opportunities with state-of-the-art equipment to further research boundaries.