Biologist at USGS National Wildlife Health Center

From Jeffrey Lorch (PHD, 2012):
Biologist with USGS – National Wildlife Health Center

The announcement is for a GS-12 0401 Biologist with expertise in biochemistry. The successful candidate will establish a new diagnostic and research laboratory at NWHC to:

(1) Plan studies to detect, better understand, and mitigate the impacts of emerging pathogens on wildlife health.
(2) Modify and adapt biological and biochemical techniques to detect prions and other pathogens, including toxins, in animal tissues and environmental samples.
(3) Implement projects using principles and techniques of biochemistry to lead a diagnostic and research laboratory to detect and characterize wildlife pathogens such as prions and algal toxins.
(4) Analyze diagnostic and project data to determine causes and impacts of disease on wildlife populations.