Professor Wei Xu Receives Kellett Mid-Career Award

Professor Wei Xu was recently honored with a prestigious Kellett Mid-Career Award! This five year award was created to provide needed support and encouragement to faculty at a critical stage of their careers. The award is named for the late William R. Kellett, a former president of the WARF board of trustees and president of Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Professor Xu’s research works to uncover the function of estrogen receptors and their expression in (breast) cancer cells and provides insights as to how breast cancer develops. As more is learned about how breast cancer develops, then more effective cures can be identified. She has been an active member in the Tox Center, graduating three students (Ashley Brinkman, PHD ’15; Carlos Coriano, PHD ’17; Erin Shanle, PHD ’13) and mentoring one MET T32 postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Taryn James.


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