UW, EPA Team-up for Scientist Training

The UW-Sea Grant Group, which conducts “Science for the Great Lakes,” recently joined into a partnership with the EPA on training new scientists to protect human health and the environment. The partnership, which will be between UW and the EPA facility in Duluth, Minnesota, will support trainees at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdocotral levels to focus on toxicology and ecosystems.

Sea Grant did a write-up of the award and the work being done in an article on their website.

Dr. Ryan Lepak, (PHD ’18, Environmental Chemistry & Technology, MET Minor) is currently working as one of the first postdoctoral fellows to the grant. Dr. Lepak will present on the work discussed in the article, as well as other projects that the group has going, at the MET 800 Seminar on April 09th.